Niederländische debitel Tochter startet FMC Dienst

Die niederländische Tochter des Serviceproviders debitel hat mit debitel One im Januar ihren FMC Service gestartet. Dabei erhält der Kunde des MVNOs zu einem Mobilfunkdienst einen VoIP Account, den er mit einem WLAN und SIP fähigen Handy nutzen kann. (debitel bietet hierfür u.a. das Nokia N80 an.)

Ob debitel einen solchen Dienst auch für Deutschland plant, war nicht zu erfahren.
Prseemitteilung debitel:

debitel Netherlands introduces free Internet mobile telephone calls

debitel Netherlands is Europe's first provider who makes free mobile
VoIP telephone calls with the existing Internet provider possible.

Hoofddorp, 22 January 2007 - debitel Nederland B.V., the largest MVNO in
the Netherlands, introduces debitel One, a service, which makes Internet
telephone calls with the mobile phone possible. As from now Dutch
debitel customers can make calls at home or at the office with their
mobile phones using Internet. debitel One is a free service in addition
to the debitel subscription, which makes it possible for the customers
to make free calls to fixed numbers in the Netherlands and to
international destinations at competitive rates. The calls to mobile
numbers will be drawn from the advantageous bundles.

The introduction of debitel One fits perfectly in the
network-independence growth strategy of debitel. 'Each customer must be
able to make calls at the most attractive rates. We now see that
customers frequently use at home the mobile phone for the matter of
convenience, whereas generally it is more cost-effective to use the
fixed phone. We want to meet our customers' expectations and provide
them with a product, which provides them always the most advantageous
situation. VoIP is the future and this technology makes it possible to
offer our customers this advantage. Furthermore we want to distinguish
ourselves by offering this service not only for our customers' homes
but, in the future on each location where WIFI is available', according
to Joël Becher, COO/CCO, debitel Nederland B.V.

Easy to start
debitel One is in fact a mobile and fixed phone in one. Making calls
with debitel One is not only exceptionally rewarding but also very easy.
All numbers are after all programmed in one handset. It works very
simple. At home or at the office the mobile phone recognizes the
wireless network (WIFI) and one can make calls using the Internet
connection. debitel One customers have been allocated a fixed number
hence outgoing and incoming calls by means of the fixed number will be
established via the mobile phone. Soon debitel can offer customers also
the possibility to keep their original fixed phone number. On the way
customers make their calls by means of the mobile-network, as usual.

To be able to start swiftly with this free service, customers will be
needing the following: a mobile phone subscription with debitel, a
mobile phone which is suitable for WIFI and supports the VoIP protocol
SIP, a wireless modem and a broadband Internet subscription with any
available Internet provider. These necessities are very common. The
service is available in combination with the latest generation Nokia
phones with Wifi-option. debitel is the first provider in Europe who
makes free Internet calls with the mobile phone in combination with
existing wireless Internet access possible.

With this agreement debitel further forms its growth strategy. Customers
of debitel could already make calls using the mobile-networks of KPN,
Vodafone, Telfort and Orange, and now it is even possible to call from
home or from the office to their advantage using the Internet. debitel
One is suitable for private customers and for the business market. The
product is as from today available in the 33 Dutch debitel Shops and at
the 15 IT's Mobile Shop-in-Shops sites and the e-shop at
In the Shops one can also find the mobile handsets with WIFI, an
advantage mobile phone subscription and a free FON WIFI router. More
information on

About debitel
debitel Nederlands B.V., established in 1993, is the largest independent
Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the Netherlands. Customers of debitel
call by means of the networks of Vodafone, KPN, Telfort and Orange.
debitel offers mobile telecom services and mobile Internet services for
the consumer and business markets. debitel Nederland B.V. has 350
employees at the head office in Hoofddorp and the 33 own debitel Shops
and the 15 IT's Mobile Shop-in-Shops. Besides via the own shops,
debitel sells the services via the specialized telecom businesses, via
retail chains, in total well over 1000 points of sale and the own
Internet shops at and debitel Nederland
B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of debitel AG in Stuttgart. More information